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  1. Narrative of discovery and adventure in Africa, from the earliest ages to the present time: with illustrations of the geology, mineralogy and zoology.   (added: 02/16/2014 )
  2. The Quaternary geology of the New Haven region, Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  3. Second report on the Hymeniales of Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  4. Age and area; a study in geographical distribution and origin of species,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  5. The algae of the fresh waters of Connecticut /   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  6. Bibliography of the geology of Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  7. Central Connecticut in the geologic past,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  8. The clays and clay industries of Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  9. Drainage modifications and glaciation in the Danbury region, Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  10. Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various coutntries visited by H.M.S. Beagle.   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  11. The lithology of Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  12. Microscope teachings : descriptions of various objects of especial interest and beauty : adapted for microscopic observation ... /   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  13. The microscope and its revelations,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  14. Our search for a wilderness; an account of two ornithological expeditions to Venezuela and to British Guiana,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  15. Preliminary geological map of Connecticut /   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  16. A preliminary report on the Protozoa of the fresh waters of Connecticut,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  17. A practical treatise on the use of the microscope, including the different methods of preparing and examining animal, vegetable, and mineral structures.   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  18. Triassic life of the Connecticut valley,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  19. The microscope and its revelations,   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  20. Manual of the geology of Connecticut /   (added: 12/22/2013 )
  21. Talbot county.   (added: 11/10/2013 )
  22. Kent county.   (added: 11/10/2013 )
  23. Problems of American geology; a series of lectures dealing with some of the problems of the Canadian shield and of the Cordilleras,   (added: 11/10/2013 )
  24. Baltimore county.   (added: 11/10/2013 )
  25. Queen Anne's county.   (added: 11/10/2013 )
  26. Winter sunshine /   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  27. Bodley Head natural history / v.1-2   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  28. Three kingdoms. A handbook of the Agassiz Association.   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  29. My life; a record of events and opinions, v.2   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  30. Geological report of an examination made in 1834 of the elevated country between the Missouri and Red rivers.   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  31. My life; a record of events and opinions, v.1   (added: 11/03/2013 )
  32. The art of landscape gardening /   (added: 08/11/2013 )
  33. The lobster fishery. A special report including suggestions for uniform laws made to the legislature of Massachusetts   (added: 06/16/2013 )
  34. The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach ...   (added: 05/04/2011 )
  35. Forest physiography; physiography of the United States & principles of soils in relation to forestry.   (added: 02/06/2011 )
  36. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London. v.23 (1862)   (added: 07/18/2010 )
  37. List of the water-color drawings of Fungi by George E. Morris in the Peabody museum of Salem, prepared by Albert P. Morse .   (added: 01/15/2010 )
  38. Botanische Mikrochemie : ein Anleitung zu phytohistologischen Untersuchungen, zum Gebrauch für Studirende / ausgearbeitet von V.A. Poulsen ; aus dem Dänischen unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers übersetzt von Carl Müller.   (added: 12/27/2009 )
  39. The Nam family; a study in cacogenics, by Arthur H. Estabrook ... and Charles B. Davenport ... With four charts and four text figures.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  40. Supplement to the New England spiders / by J. H. Emerton.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  41. Geological reconnoissance of Porto Rico / by Charles P. Berkey.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  42. Flowers from here and there. Poems arranged and illustrated by Susie Barstow Skelding .   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  43. [Collected essays]   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  44. Science, matter, and immortality, by Ronald Campbell Macfie.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  45. The Jukes; a study in crime, pauperism, disease, and heredity, by Robert [!] L. Dugdale.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  46. The American species of Marchantia, by Alexander W. Evans.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  47. Decapod Crustacea of Bermuda. Their distribution, variations, and habits / bu A. E. Verrill. I-- Brachyura and Anomura :   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  48. New spiders from New England / by J.H. Emerton.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  49. New England spiders identified since 1910 / by J.H. Emerton.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  50. The sequence of plumages and moults of the passerine birds of New York / Jonathan Dwight.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  51. The cephalopods of the north-eastern coast of America / by A.E. Verrill.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  52. Aristotle's researches in natural science, by Thomas East Lones.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  53. The recent progrss of astronomy; especially in the United States. By Elias Loomis.   (added: 11/15/2009 )
  54. The study of human heredity : methods of collecting, charting and analyzing data / by Charles B. Davenport ... [et al.] 2   (added: 11/15/2009 )
  55. Sir Joseph Banks and the Royal society. A popular biography, with an historical introduction and sequel.   (added: 11/15/2009 )
  56. Biological atlas: a guide to the practical study of plants and animals.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  57. The Lowell lectures on the ascent of man / by Henry Drummond.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  58. A study of heredity of insanity in the light of the Mendelian theory, by A.J. Rosanoff, M.D., and Florence I. Orr . 5   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  59. Darwinism, medical progress and eugenics; the Cavendish lecture, 1912, an address to the medical profession, by Karl Pearson .   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  60. Nature and nurture, the problem of the future, a presidential address delivered by Karl Pearson at the annual meeting of the Social and Political Education League, April 28, 1910. With two plates of pedigrees.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  61. Mental defect, mal-nutrition, and the teacher's appreciation of intelligence; a reply to criticisms of the memoir on 'The influence of defective physique and unfavourable home environment on the intelligence of school children, ' by David Heron.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  62. A first study of inheritance in epilepsy, by C.B. Davenport and David F. Weeks. 4   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  63. L'art des jardins. Parcs--jardins--promenades--étude historique--principles de la composition des jardins--plantations--décoration pittoresque et artistique des parcs et jardins publics; traité pratique et didactique,   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  64. American estates and gardens, by Barr Ferree ..   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  65. Supplement to the memoir entitled: The influence of parental alcoholism on the physique and ability of the offspring; a reply to the Cambridge economists, by Karl Pearson.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  66. Preliminary report of a study of heredity in insanity in the light of the Mendelian laws, by Gertrude L. Cannon, A.M., and A.J. Rosanoff . 3   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  67. An attempt to correct some of the misstatements made by Sir Victor Horsley ... and Mary D. Sturge, M.D., in the criticisms of the Galton laboratory memoir: A first study of the influence of parental alcoholism, &c., by Karl Pearson, F.R.S.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  68. The relative strength of nurture and nature, by Ethel M. Elderton.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  69. Evolution. Popular lectures and discussions before the Brooklyn Ethical Association.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  70. House plants and how to grow them, by Parker T. Barnes.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  71. History of the West Roxbury park: how obtained. Disregard of private rights. Absolute injustice. Arbitrary laws. Right of eminent domain. 1873 to 1887 ..   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  72. A history of gardening in England, by the Hon. Alicia Amherst.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  73. The wild garden : or, Our groves and gardens made beautiful by the naturalisation of hardy exotic plants; being one way onwards from the dark ages of flower gardening, with suggestions for the regeneration of the bare borders of the London Parks /   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  74. The villa gardener; comprising the choice of a suburban villa residence; the laying out, planting, and culture of the garden and grounds; and the management of the villa farm, including the dairy and poultry-yard ... By J. C. Loudon.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  75. The natural history of cage birds; their management, habits, food, diseases, treatment, breeding, and the methods of catching them. By J.M. Bechstein.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  76. Journal of researches into the natural history and geology of the countries visited during the voyage around the world of H. M. S. 'Beagle' under the command of Captain Ftiz Roy, R. N., by Charles Darwin .   (added: 11/13/2009 )
  77. The geological evidences of the antiquity of man, with remarks on theories of the origin of species by variation; by Sir Charles Lyell.   (added: 11/13/2009 )
  78. Report of the Board of Metropolitan Park Commissioners.   (added: 11/13/2009 )
  79. On the measure of the resemblance of first cousins / by Ethel M. Elderton ; assisted by Karl Pearson.   (added: 11/13/2009 )