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  1. Alberta greater sage-grouse recovery plan /
    By: Eslinger, Dale. - Alberta.
    Publication info: [Edmonton :Alberta Sustainable Resource Development],2005.
    Subjects: Alberta  Endangered species  Grouse  Sage grouse  Wildlife conservation  
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  2. Assessing big sagebrush at multiple spatial scales : an example in southeast Oregon.
    By: Karl, Michael G. - Sadowski, Jon. - National Science and Technology Center (U.S.) - National Science and Technology Center (U.S.). - United States.
    Publication info: [Denver, Colo. :Bureau of Land Management, National Science and Technology Center,[2005]
    Subjects: Big sagebrush  Ecology  Habitat  Habitat (Ecology)  Oregon  Range ecology  Sage grouse  Sagebrush  Vegetation dynamics  Vegetation monitoring  
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  3. Assessing chick survival of sage-grouse in Canada : final project report for 2000 /
    By: Aldridge, Cameron L. - Alberta.
    Publication info: Edmonton :Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Fisheries & Wildlife Management Division, Resource Status and Assessment Branch,2000.
    Subjects: Alberta  Animal radio tracking  Endangered species  Infancy  Sage grouse  Wildlife conservation  Wildlife management  
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  4. Beneficial grazing management practices for sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) and ecology of silver sagebrush (Artemisia cana Pursh subsp. cana) in southeastern Alberta : final report - January 2004 /
    By: Adams, Barry. - Alberta.
    Publication info: Lethbridge :Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Public Lands and Forests Division,2004.
    Subjects: Alberta  Artemisia  Ecology  Endangered species  Range management  Sage grouse  Sagebrush  
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  5. Developing a habitat-based population viability model for greater sage-grouse in southeastern Alberta : 2001 report /
    By: Aldridge, Cameron L. - Alberta.
    Publication info: Edmonton :Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Fish & Wildlife Division, Resource Status and Assessment Branch,2001.
    Subjects: Alberta  Endangered species  Habitat  Sage grouse  Wildlife conservation  Wildlife management  
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  6. Habitat requirements and management recommendations for sage grouse /
    By: Call, Mayo W. - United States.
    Publication info: Denver, Colo. : Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, [1979]
    Subjects: Effect of habitat modification on  Habitat selection  Sage grouse  Upland game bird management  West (U.S.)  Wildlife habitat improvement  
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  7. Management plan and conservation strategies for sage grouse in Montana - final /
    By: Montana Sage Grouse Work Group.
    Publication info: [Montana?] :The Group,[2005]
    Subjects: Bird populations  Birds  Conservation  Habitat  Habitat conservation  Montana  Sage grouse  Wildlife management  
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  8. Nevada and Northeastern California Greater Sage-Grouse : draft land use plan amendment and environmental impact statement /
    By: United States.
    Publication info: [Washington D.C.?] :U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management,2013.
    Subjects: Bird populations  Habitat  Habitat conservation  Sage grouse  United States, West  Vegetation management  West (U.S.)  
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  9. Sage grouse in the High Desert of central Oregon : results of a study, 1988-1993 /
    By: Hanf, Jan M. - United States.
    Publication info: Prineville, Or. :The District,[1994]
    Subjects: High Desert area  Oregon  Sage grouse  
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  10. Sage-grouse habitat assessment framework : a multiscale assessment tool : technical reference 6710-1 /
    By: Stiver, San J. - Karl, Jason W. - Makela, Paul D. - Nance, Danelle A. - Naugle, David E. - Rinkes, E. Thomas - United States. - Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
    Publication info: Denver, Colo. :U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management,2015.
    Subjects: Evaluation  Habitat  Habitat conservation  Planning  Sage grouse  United States, West  West (U.S.)  
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  11. Territoriality and non-random mating in sage grouse, Centrocercus urophasianus /
    By: Wiley, R. Haven $q (Richard Haven)
    Publication info: London : Bailliere Tindall, 1973.
    Subjects: Sage grouse  
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