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  1. American natural history. Volume 3. Part 1.--Mastology. By John D. Godman.
    By: Godman, John D. - Maverick, Peter,
    Publication info: Philadelphia,H.C. Carey & I. Lea,1826-28
    Contributed by: MBLWHOI Library
    Subjects: Animals  Cetacea  Clarke, Harriet S  Mammals  Natural history  North America  Provenance  
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  2. Ansichten der Natur : mit wissenschaftlichen Erläuterungen /
    By: Humboldt, Alexander von, - Duke University.
    Edition: 3. verb. und verm. Ausg.
    Publication info: Stuttgart :J.G. Cotta,1849.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Description and travel  Heinzen, H  Heinzen, K  Natural history  Physical geography  Provenance  South America  
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  3. Botany of the northern and middle states, or, A description of the plants found in the United States, north of Virginia : arranged according to the natural system : with a synopsis of the genera according to the Linnaean system ... /
    By: Beck, Lewis C.
    Publication info: Albany :Printed by Webster and Skinners ...,1833.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Botany  Jennings, Catherine  Provenance  United States  
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  4. Caspari Bauhini ... # Theatri botanici sive Index in Theophrasti Dioscoridis, Plinii et botanicorvm qui à seculo scripserunt opera plantarvm circiter sex millivm ab ipsis exhibitarvm nomina cum earundem synonymijs & differentijs methodice secundum genera & species proponens. Opvs XL. annorvm summopere expetitum ad autoris autographum recensitum.
    By: Bauhin, Caspar,
    Publication info: Basileæ,impensis Joannis regis,1671.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: 1671  Basel  Bontemantis, A  Crompton, John  Hull, Dr  Joannes  Place  Provenance  Publisher  Switzerland  
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  5. Caspari Bavhini ... theatri botanici in qvo plantæ svpra sexcentæ ab ipso primum descriptæ cum plurimis figuris proponuntur.
    By: Bauhin, Caspar,
    Edition: Ed. 2 emendatior.
    Publication info: Basileæ :impensis Joannis regis,1671.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: 1671  Basel  Bontemantis, A  Botany  Crompton, John  Hull, Dr  Joannes  Place  Provenance  Publisher  Switzerland  
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  6. Des Freiherrn Alexander von Humboldt und Aimé Bonpland Reise in die Aequinoctial-Gegenden des neuen Continents : für die reifere Jugend zur belehrenden Unterhaltung bearbeitet /
    By: Humboldt, Alexander von, - Bonpland, Aimé, - Hauff, Hermann, - Wimmer, G. A. - Duke University.
    Edition: 2. Ausg.
    Publication info: Vienna :Carl Gerold,1844.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Bürgerschule für Knaben (Vienna, Austria)  Caribbean Area  Description and travel  Natural history  Provenance  South America  
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  7. A general history of quadrupeds.
    By: Bewick, Thomas, - Anderson, Alexander, - Beilby, Ralph,
    Edition: 1st American ed., with an appendix, containing some American animals not hitherto described.
    Publication info: New-York:Printed by G. & R. Waite, no. 64, Maiden-lane,1804.
    Contributed by: Library of Congress
    Subjects: Bookplate  Jackson, Stuart W. (Stuart Wells), 1875-  Mammals  Provenance  
    BHL Collections: Library of Congress
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  8. Herrn von Buffons allgemeine Naturgeschichte. Eine freye mit einigen Zusätzen verm. übersetzung nach der neuesten französ. Ausg. of 1769 ...
    By: Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, - Chodowiecki, Daniel,
    Publication info: Berlin,J. Pauli,1771-1774.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: 1771  Berlin  Germany  Mandel, J. A., Freiherr von  Natural history  Pauli, Joachim  Place  Pre-Linnean works  Provenance  Publisher  
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  9. History of the town of Durham, N. C., embracing biographical sketches and engravings of leading business men, and a carefully compiled business directory of Durham, to which is annexed a compilation of useful information in relation to the cultivation, curing and manufacture of tobacco in North Carolina and Virginia, by Hiram V. Paul.
    By: Paul, Hiram Voss, - Dike, James,
    Publication info: Raleigh,Edwards, Broughton & co., printers,1884.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Biography  Directories  Durham (N.C.)  History  Jones, J. D., Mrs  Provenance  Tobacco  
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  10. The horse,
    By: Youatt, William, - Skinner, John S. - Duke University.
    Edition: A new ed. ... Together with a general history of the horse; a dissertation on the American trotting horse, how trained and jockeyed, an account of his remarkable performances; and an essay on the ass and the mule, by J. S. Skinner ...
    Publication info: Philadelphia,Lea and Blanchard,1843.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Asses  Diseases  Horses  Provenance  Rose, Wm. W  Training  
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  11. A manual of British vertebrate animals, or, Descriptions of all the animals belonging to the classes, Mammalia, Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, and Pisces, which have been hitherto observed in the British Islands, including the domesticated, naturalized, and extirpated species : the whole systematically aranged /
    By: Jenyns, Leonard,
    Publication info: Cambridge :Printed at the Pitt Press, by John Smith, sold by J. & J.J. Deighton ...,1835.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Eardley Hall  Great Britain  Provenance  Vertebrates  Zoology  
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  12. Moby-Dick, or, the Whale /
    By: Melville, Herman,
    Publication info: London :Harper & Brothers ;1851.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Ahab, Captain (Fictitious character)  Fiction  Huxley, b. W  Provenance  Ship captains  Whales  Whaling  Whaling ships  Woodward, J. J  
    BHL Collections: White Whale
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  13. The works of Aristotle, the famous philosopher ...
    By: Aristotle. - Duke University.
    Edition: A new edition.
    Publication info: New England,Printed for the proprietor,1818.
    Contributed by: Duke University Libraries (
    Subjects: Baker, Mary N  Human beings  Mind and body  Provenance  Reproduction  
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