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  1. The Acanthaster phenomenon /
    By: Moran, Peter John. - Moran, Peter John. - Australian Institute of Marine Science
    Publication info: Townsville, Qld. :Australian Institute of Marine Science,1988.
    Contributed by: Museum Victoria
    Subjects: Bibliography  Corals  Crown of thorns starfish  Crown-of-thorns starfish  Environmental impact  Great Barrier Reef  Habitats  
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  2. A review of the physical oceanography of the Great Barrier Reef and Western Coral Sea /
    By: Pickard, George L. - Pickard, George L. - Australian Institute of Marine Science.
    Publication info: Canberra :Australian Government Publishing Service,[1977].
    Contributed by: Museum Victoria
    Subjects: Coral Sea  Great Barrier Reef  Great Barrier Reef (Qld.)  Oceanography  Queensland  
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  1. Stephanostomum spp. (Digenea: Acanthocolpidae) from scombrids and carangids (Perciformes) from the Great Barrier Reef, with the description of two new species
    By: Bray,Rodney A. - Cribb,Thomas H.
    Type: Article
    In: Revista mexicana de biodiversidad
    Date: 2008-08-01
    Subjects: Acanthocolpidae  Carangidae  Digenea  Great Barrier Reef  Scombridae  Stephanostomum  
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  2. Two new species of Neozoanthus (Cnidaria, Hexacorallia, Zoantharia) from the Pacific
    By: Reimer, James - Fujii, Takuma - Irei, Yuka
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 246
    Date: 2012
    Page Range: 69-87
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2012
    Subjects: Great Barrier Reef  Neozoanthus  new species  Okinawa  Zoanthid  
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