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  1. Les admirables qualitez du kinkina, : confirmées par plusieurs experiences, et la maniere de s'en servir dans toutes les fiévres pour toute sorte d'âge, de sexe, & de complexions.
    Publication info: A Paris :Chez Martin Jouvenel, marchand libraire, au bas de la ruë de la Harpe, à l'image S. Augustin, proche le pont S. Michel,M. DC. LXXXIX. [1689]
    Contributed by: John Carter Brown Library (
    Subjects: 1642-1681  1689  Botany, Medical  Catalogs, Booksellers'  Cinchona  Fever  France  Imprint 1689  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  Sir,  Talbor, Robert,  
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  2. Dissertatio inauguralis medica, De febrifugorum selectu et cauto usu, quam, auspice Deo propitio, et consensu atque auctoritate gratiosae facultatis medicae, in alma regia Fridericiana, /
    By: Alberti, Michael, - Geisel, Johann Daniel,
    Publication info: Halae Magdeb. [Halle an der Saale, Germany] :Litteris Hendelianis.,[1730]
    Contributed by: John Carter Brown Library (
    Subjects: Balsam poplar  Botany, Medical  Cascarilla  Cinchona bark  Drimys winteri  Fever  Hot peppers  Imprint 1730  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  
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  3. Dog ticks and spotted fever.
    By: United States.
    Publication info: [Washington, D.C.] :United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Information, Radio Service,1938.
    Contributed by: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
    Subjects: Fever  Ticks  
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  4. Friderici Hoffmanni, Medic. D. Administr. Archiepiscop. Magdeburg. medici, Opus de methodo medendi, : juxta seriem Wallaeianam, annexis fundamentis astrologicis, ex veterum ac recentiorum scriptis concinnatum, dogmaticis, Paracelsicis, Helmontianis, Harveianis principiis & propriis observationibus illustratum, elegantissimis chymicis flosculis adornatum, /
    By: Hoffmann, Friedrich, - Helmont, Jean Baptiste van, - Michaelis, Johann, - Paracelsus,
    Publication info: Lipsiae [Leipzig], :Impensis Christiani Kirchneri, Bibliop. literis Christiani Michaelis,,Anno M. DC. LXVIII. [1668]
    Contributed by: John Carter Brown Library (
    Subjects: Bezoars  Botany, Medical  Fever  Guaiac  Imprint 1668  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  Sassafras  
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  5. Lectures on surgery delivered in St. Bartholomew's Hospital. /
    By: Lawrence, William, - South, John Flint, - King's College London. - St. Bartholomew's Hospital (London, England) - St. Thomas's Hospital.
    Publication info: London :John Churchill, ...,MDCCCLXIII. [1863]
    Contributed by: King's College London, Foyle Special Collections Library (
    Subjects: Abscess  Burns and scalds  Cancer  Electronic books  Fever  Gonorrhea  Gout  Inflammation  Poisonous snakes  Poisons  Rabies  Rheumatism  Scrofula  Septicemia  Sexually transmitted diseases  Suppuration  Surgery, Operative  Syphilis  Toxicology  Tuberculosis  Tumors  Venom  Wounds and injuries  
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  6. Observations on the superior efficacy of the red Peruvian bark in the cure of agues and other fevers : interspersed with occasional remarks on the treatment of other diseases by the same remedy /
    By: Saunders, William - Royal College of Physicians of London.
    Edition: 2nd edition, with considerable additions.
    Publication info: London :Chez Firmin-Didot, Imprimeur-lib. pour les mathematiques,1782.
    Contributed by: Royal College of Physicians, London (
    Subjects: Cinchona  Electronic books  Fever  Herbals  Quinine, Therapeutic Use  
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  7. On the cryptogamous origin of malarious and epidemic fevers /
    By: Mitchell, John Kearsley, - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Lea and Blanchard,1849.
    Contributed by: Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh (
    Subjects: Electronic books  Fever  Pathogenic fungi  
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  8. On the cryptogamous origin of malarious and epidemic fevers / by J. K. Mitchell.
    By: Mitchell, John Kearsley,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Lea and Blanchard,1849.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: etiology  Fever  Malaria  Mycoses  
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