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  1. The American thoroughbred / by Charles E. Trevathan.
    By: Trevathan, Charles E.
    Publication info: New York :The Macmillian company,1905.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1905  Horse racing  Horses  New York  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor) (Fairman   United States  
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  2. Arbustrum Americanum : The American grove, or, An alphabetical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the American United States, arranged according to the Linnaean system : containing, the particular distinguishing characters of each genus, with plain, simple and familiar descriptions of the manner of growth, appearance, &c. of their several species and varieties. : Also, some hints of their uses in medicine, dyes, and domestic oeconomy. /
    By: Marshall, Humphry,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Printed by Joseph Crukshank, in Market-Street, between Second and Third-Streets.,MDCCLXXXV [1785]
    Subjects: Advertisements  Botany, Medical  Plants  Seeds  Shrubs  Trees  United States  
    BHL Collections: Harvard University Herbarium, Botany Libraries
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  3. Artistic horse-shoeing : a practical and scientific treatise : giving improved methods of shoeing, with special directions for shaping shoes to cure different diseases of the foot, and for the correction of faulty action in trotters /
    By: Rich, George E.,
    Publication info: New York :M.T. Richardson, publisher,1887.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1887  Diseases  Hoofs  Horses  Horseshoeing  New York  PRO Adams, John W. (autograph) (stamp, Philadelphi  PRO Adams, John W., Mrs. (donor)  
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  4. The bridle bits : a treatise on practical horsemanship / by col. J.C. Battersby.
    By: Battersby, Jenyns C.
    Publication info: New York :O. Judd Co., David W. Judd, pres't.,1886.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1886  Horsemanship  New York  PRO Pearson, Leonard (stamp, Philadelphia) (bookpl  
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  5. First hand bits of stable lore / by Francis M. Ware ; illustrated from photographs.
    By: Ware, Francis M.
    Publication info: Boston :Little, Brown, and Company,1903.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  Boston  CHR 1903  Horses  Massachusetts  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  Training  
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  6. The great horse, or, The war horse : from the time of the Roman invasion till its development into the Shire horse / by Sir Walter Gilbey, bart.
    By: Gilbey, Walter,
    Edition: Second edition.
    Publication info: London :Vinton & Co.,1899.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1899  England  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  
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  7. Hand-book on the treatment of the horse in the stable and on the road, or, Hints to horse owners / by Charles Wharton.
    By: Wharton, Charles.
    Publication info: Philadelphia :J.B. Lippincott & Co.,1873.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1873  Diseases  Horses  Horse-training  Pennsylvania  Philadelphia  PRO Pearson, Leonard (donor)  
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  8. Hints on horsemanship to a nephew and niece, or, Common sense and common errors in common riding / by colonel George Greenwood.
    By: Greenwood, George,
    Edition: New ed.
    Publication info: London :Edward Moxon,1861.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1861  England  Horsemanship  London  
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  9. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses of the horse : with their most approved methods of cure : embrancing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ... / by William Percivall.
    By: Percivall, William,
    Edition: Second ed., corrected and improved.
    Publication info: London :Longmans, Green and Co.,1853-1876.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1853-1876  Diseases  England  Horses  London  PRO Williams, C. (donor)  
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  10. The horse : a book for the people : containing the practical experience, in all its forms, of a horseman of thirty-seven years standing; also every desirable knowledge of the horse, and how to handle, shoe, and take care of him ... /
    By: Pitcher, B. - National trotting association.
    Edition: 5th enl. and improved ed.
    Publication info: Chicago :Published for the author :1881.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Chicago  CHR 1881  Horses  Horseshoeing  Illinois  PRO Virdey, Charles E. (autograph) (donor)  
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  11. The horse : how to feed him, avoid disease, and save money / by George Armatage.
    By: Armatage, george.
    Publication info: London :Frederick Warne and Co.,1868.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1868  England  Feeding and feeds  Horses  London  
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  12. The horse : a study in natural history / by William Henry Flower.
    By: Flower, William Henry,
    Publication info: New York :D. Appleton and Company,1892.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Anatomy  CHR 1892  Horses  New York  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (autograph) (dono  
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  13. The horse: its selection and purchase : together with the law of warranty, sale, &c. / by Frank Townend Barton.
    By: Barton, Frank Townend.
    Publication info: London :Hurst and Blackett, limited,1907.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1907  England  Horse trading  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  
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  14. Horse-breeding in England and India : and army horses abroad / by Sir Walter Gilbey.
    By: Gilbey, Walter,
    Edition: Second ed.
    Publication info: London :Vinton & Co.,1906.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  Breeding  CHR 1906  England  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  
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  15. The horseowner and stableman's companion, or, Hints on the selection, purchase, and general management of the horse / by George Armatage.
    By: Armatage, george.
    Publication info: London :Frederick Warne and Co. ;1869.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1869  England  Horsemanship  Horses  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  
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  16. Horses : their points and management in health and disease / by Frank Townend Barton ; with numerous illustration from photographs.
    By: Barton, Frank Townend.
    Publication info: London :Everett & Co.,1906.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1906  Diseases  England  Horse breeds  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (donor) (bookplate)  
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  17. The horse's foot and its diseases / by A. Zundel ; translated by A. Liautard.
    By: Zundel, August, - Liautard, Alexandre François Augustin,
    Edition: Second ed.
    Publication info: New York :William R. Jenkins,1886.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1886  Diseases  Hoofs  Horses  Horseshoeing  New York  PRO Adams, John W. (autograph, Philadelphia, Augus  PRO Adams, John W., Mrs. (donor)  
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  18. Horses ill and well : homoeopathic treatment of diseases and injuries : and hints on feeding, grooming, conditioning, nursing, horse-buying, &c. / by James Moore.
    By: Moore, James,
    Publication info: London :James Epps & Co.,[1873]
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1873  Diseases  England  Homeopathy  Horses  London  veterinary  Veterinary medicine  
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  19. The horses of the Sahara and the manners of the desert / by E. Daumas, with commentaries by the Emir Abd-el-Kader ; translated from the French by James Hutton.
    By: Daumas, E. - Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhyi al-Din, - Hutton, James,
    Publication info: London :W.H. Allen & Co.,1863.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Arabian horse  CHR 1863  England  London  PRO Hoopes, Edward (donor)  PRO Hoopes, Heman (autograph, 1898)  Sahara  
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  20. Horses past and present / by Sir Walter Gilbey.
    By: Gilbey, Walter,
    Publication info: London :Vinton & Co.,1900.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1900  England  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  
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  21. The horsewoman : a practical guide to side-saddle riding / by Alice M. Hayes ; edited by M. Horace Hayes.
    By: Hayes, Alice M. - Hayes, M. Horace
    Edition: Second ed., rev., enl. and 133 photographic illustrations added.
    Publication info: New York :Charles Scribner's Sons,1903.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1903  Horsemanship  New York  PRO Bayliss, Marquerite F. (autograph)  PRO King, Francis (inscription)  PRO Neifert, Mrs. (donor)  Riding habit  
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  22. How women should ride / by "C. De Hurst."
    By: De Hurst, C.
    Publication info: New York :Harper & Brothers,1892.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1892  Horsemanship  Horses  New York  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  
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  23. The illustrated horse doctor : being an accurate and detailed account of the various diseases to which the equine race are subjected : together with the latest mode of treatment, and all the requisite prescriptions, written in plain English : accompanied by more than four hundred pictorial representations /
    By: Mayhew, Edward,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :J.B. Lippincott & Co.,1862.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1862  Diseases  Horses  Pennsylvania  Philadelphia  PRO Marshall, C. J. (autograph) (donor)  PRO Young, Hillard S., Jr. (autograph, November 12  Veterinary medicine  
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  24. The mare and foal / by J. Wortley Axe.
    By: Axe, J. Wortley. - Royal Agricultural Society of England.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1898.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1898  England  London  Mares  Veterinary embryology  Veterinary obstetrics  
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  25. New method of horsemanship : including the breaking and training of horses : with instructions for obtaining a good seat : illustrated / by F. Baucher ; translated from the ninth Paris edition.
    By: Baucher, François,
    Publication info: New York :Albert Cogswell, publisher,[18--?]
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 18--?  Horsemanship  Horses  New York  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor) (Fairman Ro  PRO Turner, John P. (autograph) (donor) (Fairman R  Training  
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  26. Notes for hunting-men / by captain Cortlandt Gordon Mackenzie.
    By: Mackenzie, Cortlandt Gordon.
    Publication info: London :Longmans, Green, and Co.,1901.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1901  England  Hunters (Horses)  Hunting  London  PRO Adams, John W. (autograph) (stamp, Philadelphi  PRO Adams, John W., Mrs. (donor)  
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  27. On horse-breaking / by Robert Moreton.
    By: Moreton, Robert.
    Publication info: London :Longmans, Green, and Co.,1877.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1877  England  Horses  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  Training  
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  28. On the laws and practice of horse racing / by the Honble Admiral Rous.
    By: Rous, Henry John,
    Publication info: London :A.H. Baily & Co.,1866.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1866  England  Horse-racing  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  
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  29. The Orange County stud book : giving a history of all noted stallions, bred and raised in Orange County /
    By: Reeves, J. H.
    Publication info: New York :Jason H. Tuttle,1880.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Breeding  CHR 1880  Diseases  Horses  New York  PRO Cheston, C. Morris (autograph, May 1886)  PRO Cheston, Edward M., Mrs. (donor)  
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  30. Orange culture in California. By Thos. A. Garey. With an appendix on grape culture, by L.J. Rose
    By: Garey, Thomas A - Rose, L. J
    Publication info: San Francisco, Cal.Published for A.T. Garey, printed and sold at the office of the Pacific Rural Press,c1882
    Subjects: 1880-1889  Advertisements  California  Citrus  Cookbooks  Oranges  Viticulture  
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  31. The origin and influence of the thoroughbred horse / by William Ridgeway ; with numerous illsutrations.
    By: Ridgeway, William,
    Publication info: Cambridge :At the University Press,1905.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  Cambridge  CHR 1905  England  History  Horses  PRO Neifert, Mrs. (donor) (Fairman Rogers copy 2)  PRO Pearson, Leonard (donor) (bookplate) (Fairman   Thoroughbred horse  
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  32. Our friend the horse : a complete practical guide to all that is known about every breed of horse in the world / by Frank Townend Barton.
    By: Barton, Frank Townend.
    Publication info: London :Dean & Son,[19--?]
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 19--?  Great Britain  Horses  London  
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  33. Pathological horse-shoeing : a theory and practice of the shoeing of horses : by which every disease affecting the foot of the horse may be absolutely cured or ameliorated, and defective action of the limbs effectively corrected ... : embracing also an outline of the anatomy and physiology of the foot of the horse and a copious glossary, formulary and index /
    By: Coleman, Joseph Brine.
    Publication info: Chicago :Published by the author at the office of Henry Fish & Co.,1876.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Anatomy  Chicago  CHR 1876  Diseases  Hoofs  Horses  Horseshoeing  Illinois  
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  34. Plain rules for the stable / by Professor Gamgee, Senr., and Professor John Gamgee.
    By: Gamgee, John,
    Edition: Second ed., rev. and enlarged.
    Publication info: London :Frederick Warne and Co.,1866.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1866  England  Horses  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  Stables  
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  35. A plain treatise on horse-shoeing : with illustrations / by William Miles.
    By: Miles, William,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Henry Carey Baird,1856.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1856  Horses  Horseshoeing  Pennsylvania  Philadelphia  
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  36. The pocket and the stud, or, Practical hints on the management of the stable / by Harry Hieover.
    By: Hieover, Harry,
    Edition: Third edition.
    Publication info: London :Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts,1857.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Breeding  CHR 1857  England  Horses  London  PRO Armstrong, F. Wallis (autograph) (bookplate)  PRO Armstrong, F. Wallis, Jr., Mrs. (donor)  Stables  
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  37. Practical horsemanship / by W.A. Kerr.
    By: Kerr, William Alexander.
    Publication info: London :George Bell & Sons,1891.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1891  England  Horsemanship  Horses  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor) (Fairman Ro  
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  38. A practical treatise on the law of horses : embracing the law of bargain, sale, and warranty of horses and other live stock; the rule as to unsoundness and vice : and the responsibility of the proprietors of livery, auction and sale stables, innkeepers, veterinary surgeons, and farriers /
    By: Hanover, M. D.
    Publication info: Cincinnati :Robert Clarke & Co.,1872.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1872  Cincinnati  Horses  Law and legislation  Ohio  
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  39. Practice of equine medicine : a manual for students and practitioners of veterinary medicine : arranged with questions and answers, with an appendix containing prescriptions for the horse and the dog / by Harry Dennett Hanson.
    By: Hanson, Harry D.
    Edition: 2nd ed.
    Publication info: New York :H.D. Hanson & Brother,1908.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1908  Diseases  Horses  New York  PRO Hanson, Harry D. (stamp)  PRO Pearson, Leonard (autograph) (bookplate) (dono  Veterinary medicine  
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  40. The racehorse in training : with hints on racing and racing reforms : to which is added a chapter on shoeing / by William Day.
    By: Day, William,
    Edition: Fifth ed.
    Publication info: London :Chapman and Hall,1885.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1885  England  Great Britain  London  PRO Cheston, Edward M., Mrs. (donor) (Fairman Roge  PRO Pearson, Leonard (donor) (bookplate) (Fairman   Race horses  Training  
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  41. Riders of many lands / by Theodore Ayrault Dodge ... ; illustrated with numerous drawings by Frederic Remington and from photographs of Oriental subjects.
    By: Dodge, Theodore Ayrault, - Remington, Frederic,
    Publication info: New York :Harper & Brothers publishers,1894.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1894  Horsemanship  Horses  New York  PRO Pearson, Leonard ((autograph) (bookplate) (don  
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  42. The saddle-horse : a complete guide for riding and training.
    Publication info: New York :Orange Judd Company,1881.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1881  Horsemanship  New York  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (donor)  
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  43. Structure of the horse's foot and the principles of shoeing / by Sir George T. Brown.
    By: Brown, George T. - Royal Agricultural Society of England.
    Edition: Fourth and enlarged edition.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1902.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  Anatomy  CHR 1902  England  Hoofs  Horses  Horseshoeing  London  
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  44. A surgical operating table for the horse / by Jno. A.W. Dollar.
    By: Dollar, Jno. A. W.
    Publication info: Edinburgh :D. Douglas,1900.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1900  Edinburgh  Horses  Scotland  Surgery  Surgical instruments and apparatus  Veterinary surgery  
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  45. A system of school-training for horses / by Edward L. Anderson.
    By: Anderson, Edward L.
    Publication info: London :W.H. Allen & Co.,1882.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1882  England  Horsemanship  Horses  London  PRO Rogers, Fairman, 1833-1900 (stamp) (donor)  Training  
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  46. Thoroughbred and other ponies : with remarks on the height of racehorses since 1700 : being a rev. ed. of Ponies: past and present / by Sir Walter Gilbey.
    By: Gilbey, Walter,
    Publication info: London :Vinton & Co.,1903.
    Subjects: 20th century  Advertisements  CHR 1903  England  London  Ponies  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  
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  47. A treatise on the diseases incident to the horse : especially to those of the foot : showing that nearly every species of lameness arises from contraction of the hoof : with a prescribed remedy therefor ... / by Alexander Dunbar.
    By: Dunbar, Alexander.
    Publication info: Wilmington :James & Webb, printers and publishers,1871.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1871  Delaware  Diseases  Hoofs  Horses  PRO Adams, John W. (autograph, December, 1906) (st  Wilmington  
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  48. A treatise on the horse and his diseases : containing an index of diseases ..., a table giving all the principal drugs used for the horse ..., a table with an engraving of the horse's teeth at different ages ..., a valuable collection of receipts, and much other valuable information /
    By: Kendall, B. J.
    Publication info: Claremont, N.H. :The Claremont Manufacturing Co.,1878.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  CHR 1878  Diseases  Enosburgh Falls  Horses  Vermont  Veterinary medicine  
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  49. The two P's or the pleasure and profit of cold frames and hot beds / Lord & Burnham Co.
    By: Lord & Burnham Co.
    Edition: 3rd ed.
    Publication info: New York :Lord & Burnham Co.,[1920?]
    Subjects: Advertisements  Broadsides  Catalogs  Commercial products  Greenhouses  Lord & Burnham Co  Trade catalogs  
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  50. Youatt on the structure and the diseases of the horse : with their remedies : also, practical rules to buyers, breeders, breakers, smiths, &c : being the most important parts of the English edition of "Youatt on the Horse" somewhat simplified / brought down to 1849 by W.C. Spooner ; to which is prefixed, an account of the breeds in the United States, compiled by Henry S. Randall ; with numerous illustrations.
    By: Youatt, William, - Randall, Henry Stephens, - Spooner, W. C.
    Publication info: Auburn and Buffalo :Miller, Orton, & Mulligan,1854.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Auburn  CHR 1854  Diseases  Horses  New York  PRO Lesst(?), Jacob (autograph, August 9, 1854)  PRO Marshall, C. J. (donor)  PRO Young, Williard S., Jr. (autograph, December 7  Veterinary medicine  
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  51. Young race-horses : (suggestions for rearing) / by Sir Walter Gilbey, bart.
    By: Gilbey, Walter,
    Edition: Third edition.
    Publication info: London :Vinton & Co.,1898.
    Subjects: 19th century  Advertisements  Breeding  CHR 1898  England  Horses  London  PRO Pearson, Leonard (bookplate) (donor)  Race horses  
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