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  1. Fifty years of museum work. Autobiography, unpublished papers, and bibliography of Frederic A. Lucas, SC. D.   (added: 09/14/2014 )
  2. Morphology of the males of seven species of Ortheziidae (Hemiptera, Coccoidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3812)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  3. The Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3811)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  4. Amphibians and reptiles of the Madrean Archipelago of Arizona and New Mexico. (American Museum novitates, no. 3810)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  5. New records of Hyachelia tortugae Barnard, 1967, and H. lowryi Serejo and Sittrop, 2009 (Amphipoda, Gammaridea, Hyalidae), from Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge : cooccurrence on Pacific green turtles (Chelonia mydas). (American Museum novitates, no. 3809)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  6. Nests, floral preferences, and immatures of the bee Haetosmia vechti (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae, Osmiini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3808)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  7. Mortality in a predator-free insular environment : the dwarf deer of Crete. (American Museum novitates, no. 3807)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  8. First reports of Razianus (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from Iraq and Pakistan, descriptions of two new species, and redescription of Razianus zarudnyi. (American Museum novitates, no. 3806)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  9. Redescription of Heterometrus latimanus and confirmation of the genus Heterometrus (Scorpiones, Scorpionidae) in Pakistan. (American Museum novitates, ; no. 3805)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  10. Early nesting biology of the wood-nesting adventive bee, Lithurgus chrysurus Fonscolombe (Apoidea, Megachilidae, Lithurginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3804)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  11. The neotropical goblin spiders of the new genera Ponsoonops and Bipoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3803)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  12. Three new species of Musseromys (Muridae, Rodentia), the endemic Philippine tree mouse from Luzon Island. (American Museum novitates, no. 3802)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  13. Allodapine bees in the Arabian Peninsula (Hymenoptera, Apidae) : a new species of Braunsapis from the Sarawat Mountains, with an overview of the Arabian fauna. (American Museum novitates, no. 3801)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  14. Psaenythisca, a new genus of bees from South America (Apoidea, Andrenidae, Protandrenini) with a description of the nesting biology and immature stages of one species. (American Museum novitates, no. 3800)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  15. Robber flies in Cretaceous ambers (Insecta, Diptera, Asilidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3799)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  16. Quaternary bats from the Impossível-Ioiô cave cystem (Chapada Diamantina, Brazil) : humeral remains and the first fossil record of Noctilio leporinus (Chiroptera, Noctilionidae) from South America. (American Museum novitates, no. 3798)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  17. New records of eutherian mammals from the Goler Formation (Tiffanian, Paleocene) of California and their biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications. (American Museum novitates, no. 3797)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  18. Nest site selection and nesting behavior of the bee Lithurgopsis apicalis (Megachilidae, Lithurginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3796)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  19. Extraordinary local diversity of disk-winged bats (Thyropteridae, Thyroptera) in northeastern Peru, with the description of a new species and comments on roosting behavior. (American Museum novitates, no. 3795)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  20. The goblin spider genus Costarina (Araneae, Oonopidae). Part 2, The Costa Rican fauna. (American Museum novitates, no. 3794)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  21. The long-tongued Cretaceous scorpionfly Parapolycentropus Grimaldi and Rasnitsyn (Mecoptera, Pseudopolycentropodidae) : new data and interpretations. (American Museum novitates, no. 3793)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  22. Two new species of Myersiohyla (Anura, Hylidae) from Cerro de la Neblina, Venezuela, with comments on other species of the genus. (American Museum novitates, no. 3792)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  23. The neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Varioonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3791)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  24. The cranial pneumatic sinuses of the tyrannosaurid Alioramus (Dinosauria, Theropoda) and the evolution of cranial pneumaticity in theropod dinosaurs. (American Museum novitates, no. 3790)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  25. Direct optimization, sensitivity analysis, and the evolution of the hymenopteran superfamilies. (American Museum novitates, no. 3789)   (added: 09/10/2014 )