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  1. Societas entomologica. Jahrg.36 (1921)   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  2. How to collect insects and spiders for scientific study /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  3. How to mount and label hard-bodied insects /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  4. How to make and use safe insect-killing jars /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  5. How to make and use spreading boards for insects /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  6. How to preserve a collection of soft-bodied insects and spiders /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  7. How to make and use insect nets /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  8. Nomenclature of birds.   (added: 11/23/2014 )
  9. A pre-Hispanic chiefdom in Barinas, Venezuela : excavations at Gaván-complex sites. (Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 100)   (added: 11/21/2014 )
  10. The oölogist. v.1:no.4 (1875:June)   (added: 11/16/2014 )
  11. Visitors' guide to the collection of mammals in the American Museum of Natural History, (Central Park, Manhattan Square,) 77th Street and 8th Avenue, New York.   (added: 11/16/2014 )
  12. The goblin spider genus Costarina (Araneae, Oonopidae). Part 3. (American Museum novitates, no. 3819)   (added: 11/11/2014 )
  13. Inquilinism of a baculite by a dynomenid crab from the Upper Cretaceous of South Dakota. (American Museum novitates, no. 3818)   (added: 11/11/2014 )
  14. Phylogenetic relationships of mouse opossums (Didelphidae, Marmosa) with a revised subgeneric classification and notes on sympatric diversity. (American Museum novitates, no. 3817)   (added: 11/11/2014 )
  15. Cranial osteology of Haplocheirus sollers Choiniere et al., 2010 (Theropoda, Alvarezsauroidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3816)   (added: 10/23/2014 )
  16. Kolotl, n. gen. (Scorpiones, Diplocentridae), a new scorpion genus from Mexico. (American Museum novitates, no. 3815)   (added: 10/21/2014 )
  17. Nesting biology and immature stages of the panurgine bee genera Rhophitulus and Cephalurgus (Apoidea, Andrenidae, Protandrenini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3814)   (added: 10/21/2014 )
  18. Systematics of Vampyressa melissa Thomas, 1926 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae), with descriptions of two new species of Vampyressa. (American Museum novitates, no. 3813)   (added: 10/07/2014 )
  19. Fifty years of museum work. Autobiography, unpublished papers, and bibliography of Frederic A. Lucas, SC. D.   (added: 09/14/2014 )
  20. Morphology of the males of seven species of Ortheziidae (Hemiptera, Coccoidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3812)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  21. The Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3811)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  22. Amphibians and reptiles of the Madrean Archipelago of Arizona and New Mexico. (American Museum novitates, no. 3810)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  23. New records of Hyachelia tortugae Barnard, 1967, and H. lowryi Serejo and Sittrop, 2009 (Amphipoda, Gammaridea, Hyalidae), from Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge : cooccurrence on Pacific green turtles (Chelonia mydas). (American Museum novitates, no. 3809)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  24. Nests, floral preferences, and immatures of the bee Haetosmia vechti (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae, Osmiini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3808)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  25. Mortality in a predator-free insular environment : the dwarf deer of Crete. (American Museum novitates, no. 3807)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  26. First reports of Razianus (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from Iraq and Pakistan, descriptions of two new species, and redescription of Razianus zarudnyi. (American Museum novitates, no. 3806)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  27. Redescription of Heterometrus latimanus and confirmation of the genus Heterometrus (Scorpiones, Scorpionidae) in Pakistan. (American Museum novitates, ; no. 3805)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  28. Early nesting biology of the wood-nesting adventive bee, Lithurgus chrysurus Fonscolombe (Apoidea, Megachilidae, Lithurginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3804)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  29. The neotropical goblin spiders of the new genera Ponsoonops and Bipoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3803)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  30. Three new species of Musseromys (Muridae, Rodentia), the endemic Philippine tree mouse from Luzon Island. (American Museum novitates, no. 3802)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  31. Allodapine bees in the Arabian Peninsula (Hymenoptera, Apidae) : a new species of Braunsapis from the Sarawat Mountains, with an overview of the Arabian fauna. (American Museum novitates, no. 3801)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  32. Psaenythisca, a new genus of bees from South America (Apoidea, Andrenidae, Protandrenini) with a description of the nesting biology and immature stages of one species. (American Museum novitates, no. 3800)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  33. Robber flies in Cretaceous ambers (Insecta, Diptera, Asilidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3799)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  34. Quaternary bats from the Impossível-Ioiô cave cystem (Chapada Diamantina, Brazil) : humeral remains and the first fossil record of Noctilio leporinus (Chiroptera, Noctilionidae) from South America. (American Museum novitates, no. 3798)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  35. New records of eutherian mammals from the Goler Formation (Tiffanian, Paleocene) of California and their biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications. (American Museum novitates, no. 3797)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  36. Nest site selection and nesting behavior of the bee Lithurgopsis apicalis (Megachilidae, Lithurginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3796)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  37. Extraordinary local diversity of disk-winged bats (Thyropteridae, Thyroptera) in northeastern Peru, with the description of a new species and comments on roosting behavior. (American Museum novitates, no. 3795)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  38. The goblin spider genus Costarina (Araneae, Oonopidae). Part 2, The Costa Rican fauna. (American Museum novitates, no. 3794)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  39. The long-tongued Cretaceous scorpionfly Parapolycentropus Grimaldi and Rasnitsyn (Mecoptera, Pseudopolycentropodidae) : new data and interpretations. (American Museum novitates, no. 3793)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  40. Two new species of Myersiohyla (Anura, Hylidae) from Cerro de la Neblina, Venezuela, with comments on other species of the genus. (American Museum novitates, no. 3792)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  41. The neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Varioonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3791)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  42. The cranial pneumatic sinuses of the tyrannosaurid Alioramus (Dinosauria, Theropoda) and the evolution of cranial pneumaticity in theropod dinosaurs. (American Museum novitates, no. 3790)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  43. Direct optimization, sensitivity analysis, and the evolution of the hymenopteran superfamilies. (American Museum novitates, no. 3789)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  44. The goblin spider genus Oonopoides in North and Central America (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3788)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  45. The South American goblin spiders of the new genera Pseudodysderina and Tinadysderina (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3787)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  46. A taxonomic revision of Proctoporus bolivianus Werner (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) with the description of three new species and resurrection of Proctoporus lacertus Stejneger. (American Museum novitates, no. 3786)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  47. A revised classification of the Phylinae (Insecta, Heteroptera, Miridae) : arguments for the placement of genera. (American Museum novitates, no. 3785)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  48. Review of the frog genus Silverstoneia, with descriptions of five new species from the Colombian Chocó (Dendrobatidae, Colostethinae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3784)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  49. Osteology of a North American goniopholidid (Eutretauranosuchus delfsi) and palate evolution in Neosuchia. (American Museum novitates, no. 3783)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  50. Mature larvae of calliopsine bees : Spinoliella, Callonychium, and Arhysosage including biological notes, and a larval key to calliopsine genera (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Andrenidae, Panurginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3782)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  51. A new species of Hoploscaphites (Ammonoidea, Ancyloceratina) from cold methane seeps in the Upper Cretaceous of the U.S. Western Interior. (American Museum novitates, no. 3781)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  52. Review of Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from northern South America, including description of a new species. (American Museum novitates, no. 3780)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  53. Quaternary bat diversity in the Dominican Republic. (American Museum novitates, no. 3779)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  54. A new species of Marmosops (Marsupialia, Didelphidae) from the Pakaraima Highlands of Guyana, with remarks on the origin of the endemic Pantepui mammal fauna. (American Museum novitates, ; no. 3778)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  55. Systematics of the keyserlingii group of Diplocentrus Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones, Diplocentridae), with descriptions of three new species from Oaxaca, Mexico. (American Museum novitates, no. 3777)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  56. The soft-bodied goblin spiders of the new genus Noonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3776)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  57. Basibulbus, a hard-bodied, haplogyne spider genus from Chile (Araneae, Dysderoidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3775)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  58. Larval development and nesting biology of the adventive wood-nesting bee Lithurgus (L.) chrysurus Fonscolombe (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae, Lithurgini). (American Museum novitates, 0003-0082 ; no. 3774)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  59. Reassessment of Chadrolagus and Litolagus (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) and a new genus of North American Eocene lagomorph from Wyoming. (American Museum novitates, no. 3773)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  60. The South American goblin spider genera Dysderina and Tridysderina (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3772)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  61. A new lineage of enigmatic diaprioid wasps in Cretaceous amber (Hymenoptera, Diaprioidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3771)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  62. Coniopterygidae (Neuroptera, Aleuropteryginae) in amber from the Eocene of India and the Miocene of Hispaniola. (American Museum novitates, no. 3770)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  63. Phylogenetic relationships of New World porcupines (Rodentia, Erethizontidae) : implications for taxonomy, morphological evolution, and biogeography. (American Museum novitates, no. 3769)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  64. Morphologically novel members of the ant-mimetic plant bug genus Pilophorus Hahn found in Thailand, with descriptions of three new species (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae, Pilophorini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3768)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  65. New materials of Estesia mongoliensis (Squamata, Anguimorpha) and the evolution of venom grooves in lizards. (American Museum novitates, no. 3767)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  66. New material of Mongolemys elegans Khosatzky and Mlynarski, 1971 (Testudines, Lindholmemydidae), from the late Cretaceous of Mongolia with comments on bone histology and phylogeny. (American Museum novitates, no. 3766)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  67. Nesting biology and immatures of the oligolectic bee Trachusa larreae (Apoidea, Megachilidae, Anthidiini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3765)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  68. Revision of the endemic Malagasy cavefish genus Typhleotris (Teleostei, Gobiiformes, Milyeringidae), with discussion of its phylogenetic placement and description of a new species. (American Museum novitates, no. 3764)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  69. Discovery of the frog genus Anomaloglossus in Panama, with descriptions of two new species from the Chagres Highlands (Dendrobatoidea, Aromobatidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3763)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  70. An extraordinary new species of Melanophryniscus (Anura, Bufonidae) from southeastern Brazil. (American Museum novitates, no. 3762)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  71. Leehermania prorova, the earliest staphyliniform beetle, from the late Triassic of Virginia (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3761)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  72. Fossil Curtonotidae (Diptera, Schizophora, Ephydroidea). (American Museum novitates, no. 3760)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  73. The goblin spider genus Ischnothyreus (Araneae, Oonopidae) in the New World. (American Museum novitates, no. 3759)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  74. An exomalopsine bee in early Miocene amber from the Dominican Republic (Hymenoptera, Apidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3758)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  75. On Puan, a new genus of goblin spiders from Argentina (Araneae, Dysderoidea, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3757)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  76. Got males? : the enigmatic goblin spider genus Triaeris (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3756)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  77. Rediscovery of the bizarre Cretaceous ant Haidomyrmex Dlussky (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), with two new species. (American Museum novitates, no. 3755)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  78. Archboldomys (Muridae, Murinae) reconsidered : a new genus and three new species of shrew mice from Luzon Island, Philippines. (American Museum novitates, no. 3754)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  79. A phylogenetic analysis of the social wasp genus Brachygastra Perty, 1833, and description of a new species (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Epiponini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3753)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  80. A revision of species diversity in the neotropical genus Oreobates (Anura, Strabomantidae), with the description of three new species from the Amazonian slopes of the Andes. (American Museum novitates, no. 3752)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  81. The Caribbean goblin spider genera Scaphioides and Hortoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3751)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  82. Two new taxa (Caviomorpha, Rodentia) from the early Oligocene Tinguiririca fauna (Chile). (American Museum novitates, no. 3750)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  83. First observations on nesting and immatures of the bee genus Ancyla (Apoidea, Apidae, Apinae, Ancylaini). (American Museum novitates, no. 3749)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  84. A new species of Urodacus (Scorpiones, Urodacidae) from Western Australia. (American Museum novitates, no. 3748)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  85. New genus and species of nectar-feeding bat from the Atlantic Forest of southeastern Brazil (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae, Glossophaginae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3747)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  86. Cleptoparasitic behavior and immatures of the bee Melecta duodecimmaculata (Apoidea, Apidae, Melectini) ; Appendix, tribal descriptions of the Anthophorini and Melectini based on their mature larvae. (American Museum novitates, no. 3746)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  87. Noideattella and Tolegnaro, two new genera of goblin spiders from Madagascar, with comments on the gamasomorphoid and silhouettelloid oonopids (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3745)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  88. Comparative meristic variability in whiptail lizards (Teiidae, Aspidoscelis) : samples of parthenogenetic A. tesselata versus samples of sexually reproducing A. sexlineata, A. marmorata, and A. gularis septemvittata. (American Museum novitates, no. 3744)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  89. A revision of the neotropical goblin spider genus Neoxyphinus Birabén, 1953 (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3743)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  90. The vorhiesi group of Vaejovis C.L. Koch, 1836 (Scorpiones, Vaejovidae), in Arizona, with description of a new species from the Hualapai Mountains. (American Museum novitates, no. 3742)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  91. The goblin spider genus Pelicinus (Araneae, Oonopidae). Part 1. (American Museum novitates, no. 3741)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  92. A new species of the didelphid marsupial genus Monodelphis from eastern Bolivia. (American Museum novitates, no. 3740)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  93. A second species of the family Allophrynidae (Amphibia, Anura). (American Museum novitates, no. 3739)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  94. Taxonomic revision of therocephalians (Therapsida, Theriodontia) from the Lower Triassic of Antarctica. (American Museum novitates, no. 3738)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  95. New leontiniid Notoungulata (Mammalia) from Chile and Argentina : comparative anatomy, character analysis, and phylogenetic hypotheses. (American Museum novitates, no. 3737)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  96. Tarsal organ morphology and the phylogeny of goblin spiders (Araneae, Oonopidae), with notes on basal genera. (American Museum novitates, no. 3736)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  97. The Brazilian goblin spiders of the new genus Guaraguaoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3735)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  98. Variation in the deterioration of fossil resins and implications for the conservation of fossils in amber. (American Museum novitates, no. 3734)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  99. Are Monobia and Montezumia monophyletic? : a cladistic analysis of their species groups based on morphological data (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3733)   (added: 09/10/2014 )
  100. Cryptic diversity of South African trapdoor spiders : three new species of Stasimopus Simon, 1892 (Mygalomorphae, Ctenizidae), and redescription of Stasimopus robertsi Hewitt, 1910. (American Museum novitates, no. 3732)   (added: 09/10/2014 )