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  1. Correspondence relating to the Blue Hills flora project, 1894-1896 (inclusive)
    By: Blankinship, J. W. - Churchill, Joseph Richmond, - Collins, Frank S. - Cummings, Clara E., - Dame, Lorin Low, - Deane, Walter, - Eliot, Charles, - Faxon, Charles Edward, - Faxon, Edwin, - Jenks, Charles William, - Kennedy, George G. - Macadam, Robert K. - Manning, Warren H. - Patterson, Flora W. - Perry, George F., - Purdie, Henry Augustus, - Rich, William Penn, - Richards, P. D., - Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln, - Swan, C. W. - Webster, J. R., - Massachusetts. - Olmsted, Olmsted, and Eliot.
    Contributed by: Harvard University Botany Libraries
    BHL Collections: Archives from the Boston Metropolitan Park Flora | Harvard University Herbarium, Botany Libraries
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  2. Nudibranchs from Zanzibar and East Africa. by Sir Charles Eliot. Part [1]-5 /
    By: Eliot, Charles, - Zoological Society of London.
    Publication info: [London :Zoological Society of London],1902-1904.
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
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