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  1. Correspondence relating to preliminary lists of New England plants, 1897-1904 (inclusive)
    By: Deane, Walter, - Ayres, Helen F., - Bishop, James N. - Bissell, Charles Humphrey, 1857-1925, - Brainerd, Ezra, - Britton, Nathaniel Lord, - Chesley, Charles Henry, - Churchill, Joseph Richmond, - Clark, Hubert Lyman, - Collins, Frank S. - Coulter, John Merle, - Eames, Edwin Hubert, - Eaton, A. A. - Eggleston, W. W. - Fernald, Merritt Lyndon, - Flynn, Nellie F., - Graves, Charles Burr, - Griffin, Delia Isabel, - Grout, A. J. - Harger, Edgar Burton, - Hervey, E. W. - Hoffmann, Ralph, - Jesup, Henry G. - Jones, L. R. - Pringle, Cyrus G. - Purdie, Henry Augustus, - Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln, - Rose, J. N. - Sargent, Herbert E., - Stevens, Alice F., - Williams, Emile Francis 1858-1929,
    Contributed by: Harvard University Botany Libraries
    BHL Collections: Archives from the Boston Metropolitan Park Flora | Harvard University Herbarium, Botany Libraries
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  2. Flora of Vermont; a list of the fern and seed plants growing without cultivation. Prepared by Ezra Brainerd, L.R. Jones and W.W. Eggleston, committee for the Vermont botanical club.
    By: Vermont Botanical Club. - Brainerd, Ezra, - Eggleston, W. W. - Jones, L. R.
    Publication info: Burlington, Vt.,Free Press Association,1900.
    Contributed by: Mertz Library, The New York Botanical Garden
    BHL Collections: New York Botanical Garden
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