Correspondence : Bandelier (Adolph) and Engelmann (George)
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<mods xmlns:xlink="" version="3.0" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<title>Correspondence : Bandelier (Adolph) and Engelmann (George), 1862-1882.</title>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1840-1914</namePart>
<genre authority="marcgt">book</genre>
<languageTerm authority="iso639-2b" type="text">English</languageTerm>
<topic>Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse,</topic>
<topic>Botanical specimens</topic>
<geographic>Description and travel</geographic>
<topic>Engelmann, George,</topic>
<topic>Excavations (Archaeology)</topic>
<geographic>Highland (Ill.)</geographic>
<topic>Receipts (Acknowledgments)</topic>
<geographic>Veracruz-Llave (Mexico : State)</geographic>
<classification authority="lcc">Archives Collection 1 RG 4/1/5/1</classification>
<identifier type="uri"></identifier>
<identifier type="oclc">849507739</identifier>
<recordContentSource authority="marcorg">MOA</recordContentSource>

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%0 Serial
%A Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse,
%D 1862-1882
%T Correspondence : Bandelier (Adolph) and Engelmann (George), 1862-1882.
%V Bandelier to Engelmann, 1862-1882
%! Correspondence : Bandelier (Adolph) and Engelmann (George)
%L Archives Collection 1 RG 4/1/5/1
%K 1809-1884
%K 1840-1914
%K Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse,
%K Botanical specimens
%K Cactaceae
%K Climate
%K Correspondence
%K Description and travel
%K Engelmann, George,
%K Excavations (Archaeology)
%K Highland (Ill.)
%K Letters
%K Observations
%K Receipts (Acknowledgments)
%K Veracruz-Llave (Mexico : State)
%G English