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13 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "people/references - Knight TA"

  1. Cattle: Their breeds, management, and diseases.
    By: Youatt, William.
    Publication info: London :Baldwin & Cradock,1834.
    Pages: Page 31  
  2. Intermarriage.
    By: Walker, Alexander.
    Publication info: London :Churchill,1838.
    Pages: Page 205  Page 206  Page 217  Page 220  Page 224  Page 227  Page 228  Page 237  Page 243  Page 258  Page 299  
  3. Researches into the physical history of mankind.
    By: Prichard, James Cowles.
    Publication info: London :Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper,1836.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 374